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Endeavour excellence with our software technologies for better customer experience
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State-of-art business software for superior enterprise achievements
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Valuable partner in a fast evolving market, helping to accelerate intelligent transformation of local business


Powerful and robust software for impressive business performance

  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Text Analytics
  • Security
  • Healthcare

Loyax Platform

Customers love special treatment, keep them coming back!

Loyax is a powerful loyalty platform that enables retailers use the best technologies designed for in-store marketing. The communication module of Loyax platform can be integrated with different social media  like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The business can additionally target customers, using data taken from their social media accounts.

The core technology of Loyax is used in OQOOD AL ZABARJAD DISCOUNT CARDS program and serves as the operational platform, in order to ensure seamless and transparent transactions of any kind of services that OQOOD program includes. The underlying platform manages all consumer and technology touchpoints, including customer relationship management activities (CRM), consumer sign-up, membership, tracking and points redemption.

Main features:

  • Loyalty programs and campaign management, integration with POS;
  • Omnichannel communication, digital marketing integration;
  • Reporting and Analytics;
  • Customer loyalty cards and mobile applications;
  • Customer profile management;
  • End user portal;
  • POS service delivery.
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Make your advertising dollars count!

MarketVidia is a software solution that helps retailers utilize facial recognition technology for marketing purposes. It helps companies to better manage their advertising and promotional spending and improve in-store customer experience.

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Facial Recognition in Retail

Treat visitors in your store as special guests, reward them exclusively!

VIP persons, loyal customers, celebrities or just repeating visitors – everyone is a brand ambassador and a valuable customer. Your staff would meet and greet the special guests without hesitation owing to our facial recognition technology.  We know their presence matters to your business and their visits in the shop should be rewarded. With our facial recognition technology retailers are able to recognize their visitors and surprise them with special promotional offers, gifts, coupons or some special perks at the point of sales.

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Chat Bot

Never miss the opportunity to talk with your customers!

A chatbot enable companies to conduct a computer assisted conversation with people. Thanks to AI, it can interpret user’s requests, and based on some rules outlined in the programming, direct customers or answer to their requests. The chatbot based communications provide instant and reliable customer support 24/7/365, which guarantee your customers faster processing of all kind requests.

Chatbot implementation into core retail bank services adds another innovative sales channel. It boosts selling of different financial products, allowing for up- and cross-sales to your customers according to their specific needs.

Chatbots are generally built on top of already existing messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp.

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Card Management

Turn any card into a rewarding engine!

We provide an innovative software system for management of all types of bank, loyalty and promotional cards. The technology behind our solution generates no named, prepaid bank cards, issuing huge numbers (millions) of virtual accounts. They have multiple applications, allowing payments, loyalty and rewards to be combined with card-linked offers. This approach proposes to retailer partnerships membership cards to take on a new level, enabling consumers' use these bank cards, pre-linked to a multi-partner rewards program. With each swipe of the linked card at any of the program's participating merchants, consumers' point-of-sale rewards are automatically deposited into a cumulative account.

In this way, consumers are offered deals that are targeted to their spending preferences. Merchants have the opportunity to target users that are interested in their products or offerings, and in turn banks benefit also because the customer has to dedicate their purchases using the card that the deal is linked to.

The platform has a multilevel architecture, DB independence, application server and cross device web interface. The solution is fully featured, web-based, and enables automation of the process for card management - “end to end”, in real time, and is also EMV compliant. Our card management software uses the latest technologies, with internal/external interfaces for centralized storage and data processing.

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A mobile cash point in your pocket.

PayMobilio is a mobile POS terminal which allows everyone to accept instant payments and credit card payments everywhere. It can be used on multiple platforms, issues digital receipts and is secured with the utmost security of transactions. The solution can be sold as a White Label (B2B).

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Semantic Tagging

Turn piles of text into useful information!

We offer a semantic service that analyses text to find references to entities and concepts in a big knowledge graph and returns as a result metadata - tags that relate the text to the identifiers of the corresponding entities and concepts in the Open Knowledge Graphs. These services come in several variants, appropriate for analysing different types of text: general news and business information, biomedical data, Twitter posts sentimental analyses, etc.

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Semantic Media Monitoring

This service enables users to discover popularity trends, relevant news, related entities and knowledge graph information.

Company Ratings

Presents rankings of industry sectors and countries, including subsidiary companies. The technology is based on semantic tagging that link news articles to a big knowledge graph of linked open data

Relation Discovery

Help users find suspicious relationships between companies and demonstrate news relevant to these companies.

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Semantic SEO

Low cost investment to rocket your SEO strategy.

The service is already popular in e-commerce and tourism portals, e.g., Amazon and Expedia. However, these are mostly web pages generated from databases. Unlike them, our service enables a much wider set of websites to be marked up with rich semantic metadata. Such enrichment can help media and bloggers to better promote their content and as a result, gain a competitive advantage against cheap/fake/alternative content and to become less dependent on social media and similar platforms. Semantic SEO is also a good fit for the websites of local businesses as it describes their services, products, working time and location, without the expense of contracting an SEO consultant.

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Facial Recognition for Corporate Security

Recognize with ease, authorize and grant an access!

We provide not only the software, but also the intelligent sensors that perform facial recognition in real time. Visitors simply walk up to the door that want to open or the room they want to enter - the system will either recognize the object as a trusted visitor and let them in, or will identify as an intruder and deny access.

Person Authentication with a Face Recognition

Keep intruders outside, safeguard everything with a high level of protection!

Person authentication using face detection can be implemented in any institution for backing the internal/external security protocols and procedures, as well as in police, national security and border control. We provide software technology which performs facial recognition with a very high % of accuracy.

Object Recognition - Automatic Number Plate Recognition

Prevent the danger on the roadway using plate recognition with confidence!

We provide a solution for processing images of fast moving vehicles, processing with high resolution. The system performs automatic detection, identification and recognition of the registration number of any vehicle. This is an excellent solution serving traffìc police to control traffìc law offenders.

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Diabetes: M

Manage your diabetic condition on the go!

Diabetes: M is a mobile application for management of diabetic conditions, available for both iOS and Android devices. The application tracks almost all aspects of the diabetes treatment and provides patients with detailed reports, charts and statistics.

Users can send reports to their supervising physician via email. Diabetes:M also gives various tools, so the patient can find the trends in blood glucose levels. It also allows calculating of normal and prolonged insulin boluses using its highly effective, top-notch bolus calculator. The app also has a vast nutrition database, to help users keep track of their food intake and nutrition information, as well as exercise time. In addition, the patient will never miss another check with the simple but powerful reminders system.

Diabetes:M can analyze the values from the imported data from various glucometers and insulin pumps via the exported files from their respective diabetes management software systems.

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Holter Monitors Data Handling

Seamless data reading, manage with ease your patient records!

Overcome complexity and add more value to your medical services. We provide various software Integration services. If you need more information, please contact us.

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Personal Medical Records

Store all your personal health data into the cloud!

A personal health record (PHR) is used by patients to keep and manage their health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment. Generally speaking, PHRs are managed by patients and can include information from a variety of sources, including health care providers and patients themselves. Our cloud service helps patients securely and confidentially store and monitor health information, such as diet plans or data from home monitoring systems, as well as patient contact information, diagnosis lists, medication lists, allergy lists, immunization histories, and much more.

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LoyaxMe LLC is a joint venture of Oqood Al Zabarjad Discount Cards Services and Sirma Group Holding JSC. The main purpose of the company is to deliver end-to-end technology services and solutions to businesses and local customers in the Middle East region. The enterprise blends technology excellence and extensive software experience that Sirma holds, with the local expertise and professional know-how of Oqood Al Zabarjad Discount Cards Services, in order to serve the ever growing needs of the Gulf market and the industries that seek innovative software products and solutions.

The new venture delivers a wide range of advanced software solutions, and offers implementation and software integration of technology services in retail, finance, security, health care and text analytics domains. All products and services we offer are based on top-notch software technologies, the latest IT developments and are supported by marketing services of the local team. We also provide IT consulting and system integration in order to help companies deploy technological projects with various scales and complexity.

Sirma Group Holding

Sirma Group Holding is dedicated to developing and implement IT innovations and help business undertake a crucial transformation toward a new cognitive era. We are able to approach technological and business challenges in an innovative way, and turn the output into successful commercial products and solutions that help companies to achieve a sustainable growth.

Sirma Group portfolio includes robust products and state-of-art IT solutions, it is backed with a deep vertical expertise. Our flagship products are based on the most advanced cognitive technologies. As many of our products and solutions are already established and distributed worldwide, we firmly believe they can bring numerous benefits to the Middle East businesses and customers.


Oqood Al Zabarjad Discount Cards Services

Oqood Al Zabarjad Discount Cards Services is established in 2017 aiming to provide a superior experience to its customers, based on the comprehensive professional practice and personal achievements of its founders and the team. Our people are proud with their professional approach and in-depth know-how in a wide range of services, which they have been gradually crafted and constantly developed for more than two decades in the Gulf Region.

OQOOD services include, but not limited to a well-established Cash back program. The OQOOD Program offers numerous benefit of all parties. We also deliver marketing services that fulfil OQOOD Members’ needs, enjoying the best prices and high quality services. All participants receive cashback on each and every transaction made through OQOOD Card, and OQOOD marketing team promotes the vendor’s services and products via multiple channels and media.



Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, need more information about our products and solutions, or want schedule a demo.